How Can I Save Money When Shopping Online?

Written by Wellington Ayugi

Retailers in Kenya are bracing themselves for a busy season as the Christmas festivities approach in about ten weeks. Traditionally, consumers tend to spend more money…

Retailers in Kenya are bracing themselves for a busy season as the Christmas festivities approach in about ten weeks. Traditionally, consumers tend to spend more money during this season as they shop for gifts for their loved ones.

Many local online shops expect a bump in the number of orders for both local and overseas products, as customers try to take advantage of Christmas sales discounts.

Online Shopping has come a long way since its first launch in Kenya. When it was first introduced, many customers were skeptical about making purchases via e-commerce platforms. 

However, with technological advancements, things have changed. Many Kenyans are now using e-commerce platforms to shop more frequently and obtain brands that are unavailable locally. The platforms have incorporated various features to ease the customer’s experience, such as shopping guides among others.

Purchasing goods online can save you money as most brands will strive to sell their products at a lower price online. The same products that are sold in physical stores have added expenses such as; wages and salaries, rents, insurances, municipal authority permits and so forth, factored into the price.

Usually, online purchases are free from such costs hence customers are able to enjoy favorable discounts.

How Can I Save Money As You Shop Online?

We all like to save money. Shopping online should be no different. Other than looking out and taking advantage of discounts, there are some additional measures you can take in order to save money when shopping online.

Here are some tips to follow:

  • Use your credit card or pre-paid debit card when buying online: A debit card is typically linked to your bank account. As you are shopping online, you may be tempted to buy more items than you wanted and this could end up depleting your bank account. However, a credit card and pre-paid debit card has a spending limit and most importantly, is not attached to your bank account. In addition, some credit cards can offer you discounts on your online purchases.
  • Search for coupons: Check out the social media accounts of most e-commerce retailers and you will notice the discount coupons on offer. Some retailers have mailings lists of frequent users and usually send coupons straight to their customers’ inboxes.
  • Avoid shipping charges: Majority of online retailers will offer you free shipping provided you spend a certain amount. For instance, Jumia offers free delivery of products to customers in Nairobi who spend at least KES. 5000. For customers in other major urban centers in Kenya, to enjoy free delivery, you need to spend at least KES. 8,000. Therefore, plan your shopping so you are able to take advantage of the free shipping. In case your budget is below the minimum, you could also add extra items to offset the shipping fees.
  • Compare online retailers: Do not be in a hurry to commit buy a product from one retailer immediately. Instead, make sure you have an idea of the average value of the product. Compare prices with physical retailers and other online stores who have the same product. It costs nothing to compare and then go for the option that suits you the best.
  • Look out for offers and promos: With the festive season getting closer, retailers will come up with promotions such as clearance sales, flash sales, free shipping, purchase 1 and get 1 free, and much more. Take advantage of these promotions and save money. 

Check out this video that also expounds more on how you can shop online and shipping options. 

Online shopping has many benefits. You can buy products from the comfort of your home, or at your workplace. There is no standing in long queues, plus you get a wider variety of selection and discounted prices. For many Kenyans, the upside to these platforms is buying products that are not sold in the country.

The best part is, you can save a lot of money as you do it. So, why don’t you give it a try? Are you an online shopper? How do you typically save money when making purchases online? Share with us your thoughts and opinions below.

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