Real Estate Investment Tips for Beginners

Written by Wellington Ayugi

Real estate has been a popular investment choice for many local investors. Investing in real estate can seem daunting for beginners but one must be keen to ensure that they do it in the right way. 

Just like any other form of investment, there are smart and wrong ways to go about it. Typically when the market is on an upswing, first-time investors pump money into real estate with no proper plan or strategy. The lack of caution and planning results in problems arising down the road.

For a first time investor, the entire exercise can seem intimidating but in order to become a successful real estate investor, you need to gain skills in both patience and experienced investing.

As a beginner, there is usually a lack of experience with hence the probability of making common investment mistakes. There is a wealth of knowledge that is available for investors online but here are some tips that can help 

Real Estate Investment Tips For Beginners

  1. Link up with experienced investors: This will require you to be friendly and outgoing. You can connect with them by attending real estate expos and events. Alternatively, you can visit their hangouts and network yourself. Most investors are keen to showcase their achievements, so be a good listener and learn. Chances are high you will pick up some useful tidbits that you can use.
  1. Do not quit your job before you gain the right experience: There are two sides to investment; the investment side and career side. You can do both or focus on one and make the other a side activity. For instance, the career side includes flipping houses, managing and ‘wholesaling’ properties. On the other hand buying properties and reinvesting the rent proceeds into a newer real estate, is an example of the investment side. Whatever your preference is, do not rush and think you are rich with just one successful investment, take the time to cultivate the right experience. 
  1. Learn the Terminologies: Ensure you are up to date when it comes to real estate jargon. This way you are able to understand conversations between you and other investors. In addition, it will help you to make more informed investment decisions. 
  1. Formulate a plan: If you were planning to travel across the country you would ensure you had a map. The same applies to investing in real estate. To be a successful real estate investor you must know where you are and where you want to be. Create a plan that outlines your financial goals and resources and clearly shows you what is needed to achieve them.

Before you purchase the property it is vital you have an exit strategy. Many investors buy real estate and get stuck with them due to lack of an exit strategy. The only option available to them is; whether to rent or sell the property. It is wise to have multiple options to get out of an unfavorable investment. This way you can cut your losses and move to more profitable options.

To start you off, try investing in a residential property, they are usually less expensive. When you cultivate more experience, try your hand at a commercial real estate investment. It is usually more valuable per square footage but due to the high capital injections required, it is best suitable for seasoned investors. On the other hand, there are usually heavy regulations by the local government authorities for commercial properties that can be quite cumbersome for investors.

Whatever stage you are in, make sure you always have a plan. Plan ahead and your real estate investment shall turn into a success.

Happy Investing!

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