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Are you a writer with a passion for finance and you have been looking for an opportunity to showcase your work? Then write for us.

Freelance Writing Opportunity

We are looking for freelance writers to write engaging and informative articles on various financial topics and products, for our blog. If you are interested here is how you can apply.

How to Apply

Fill out your personal details and answer a few questions that will help us get to know you better, on Google forms. Once you submit your application, we will evaluate it alongside others and if we like your application, we will get in touch shortly.

Apply Now!

Content Contributor

You can also submit an article(s) as per the guidelines below to our Editor at editor@covered.co.ke and get published on our website.

  1. Submit an article on any topic related to the categories in finance herewith of between 500 to 1000 words only. (Investment, Credit, Debt, Banking, Islamic finance, Loans, Personal finance, Business finance, Student finance and etc).
  2. Ensure the article is original, plagiarized work shall not be published.
  3. Ensure the work you produce is properly researched and the information is most recent and relevant to your audience.
  4. Know your audience and understand their needs as the final outcome of each article must empower your audience in an area in finance.
  5. Be creative and think outside the box on how to deliver value to your audience on a certain topic.
  6. Use an effective tone of voice that is consistent in your writing that is able to engage your audience effectively.
  7. Try as much as possible to use an affirmative tone in your writing.
  8. Be objective and avoid making highly opinionated standpoints within your article unless the article is an opinion piece. In that case be sure to inform Editor in advance.
  9. Use the English language correctly and avoid clichés, general fallacies or assumptions in your writing.
  10. Submit your work in the following format; using times new roman font size 12, with a line spacing of 1.15, paragraph spacing of auto (before and after) and justified.