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Entry age - No age limit, All persons are eligible till the age of 79. ● Plan - 1 option ● Flexible cover limits - Annual Max Plan Limit USD 4m inpatient and full refund on an outpatient ● Budget - Premiums calculated on age and health condition ● Flexible cover on - Maternity Full refund - Dentist Up to USD $1,000 - Optical up to a maximum USD300 ● Chronic - Full refund ● Congenital - upto USD $125,000 ● Cancer - Full refund ● HIV/AIDs - upto USD$40,000 ● Covid-19 - Not covered ● Accommodation - Ward/Semi-private or private) full refund ● Overseas treatment - worldwide cover ● Emergency Transportation - Emergency road ambulance ● Waiting period - you can apply for cover up to 60 days in advance of your requested start date. Claim process ● Direct billing and pay and claim refund options available. Co-payment A 10% Co-Insurance will apply to all Eligible Out-Patient Treatment. Should Your Plan include the Maternity, Dental care or Wellness, Optical and Vaccinations Benefits Brochure Provider panel

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