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Covered is a not-for-profit company focused on empowering people with the information and knowledge necessary to make the best financial decisions to improve their lives.

We collect and gather data from the various financial institutions in Kenya and provide a free platform for people to conveniently browse though and compare the products on offer and select the ones best suited for them

  • Bank Accounts: We collect (and regularly update) data on all personal/business current and savings accounts offered by banks in Kenya.
  • Credit Cards: We collect credit card opening requirements, credit card features, card fees, and repayment terms
  • Insurance: We collect health, motor and life insurance and detail their features, premiums and how to sign up for each one.
  • Loans: We compile the average lending rates for all banks in Kenya on our online tool as well as features and requirements.

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How Covered Works

Covered collects information from all banks and insurance companies on their products and services and makes it easily available online.


Search more than 50 banks and insurance companies and 400+ products


Get to know all the features, fees and requirements. See reviews & comments


Apply online to the bank or insurance company through our website.

Meet Our Team

Mohamed Omar


Wellington Ayugi

Business Development


Financial Institutions

We partner with financial institutions to provide up to date information on their products and services. This partnership enables you to conveniently find information in one place and apply online

Financial Advisers

We partner with financial advisers to develop product reviews and surveys, publishing educational content and organizing trainings and events

Media/Content Partners

Coming soon.