Standard Chartered Bank Of Kenya Tariff Guide

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Local Currency Cheques

Cheque Book (30 Leaves) KES 450
Cheque Returned by us with the Answer: `Refer to Drawer ’Effects not Cleared’    KES 3,850 KES 3,400
Cheques returned by bank for: `Technical Reasons’ KES 850
Inward Unpaid Cheques KES 1,000
Counter Cheque: Customers Only KES 500
Stop Payment Per Notice KES 1,000
Retrieve Old Cheques - Per Cheque Leaf KES 300
Non Compliant CTS (Cheque Truncation System) Cheques Issued KES 500

Standing Orders (Local)

Set-Up KES 250
processing Per Payment KES 300
Amendment/Stopped KES 200
Standing Order - Unpaid Due to Lack of Funds KES 3,000

Inward Payments

Drafts, International Money Orders and Mail Transfer - Per Item KES 1,000
Funds Transfer through Interbank KES 1,000
Inward TTs/SWIFT - Transmission Costs Transmission Costs (LCY NC) KES 1,000 (FCY NC) US$ 15

Outward Payments Local

RTGS Charges KES 500
Telegraphic/SWIFT Transfer (Foreign)-Local Currency KES 1,400
Foreign Currency 0.25% Minimum US$ 15 - Maximum US$ 100
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