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This is a medical insurance product by GA Insurance. It is designed to cover Inpatient  and out patient benefits for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It covers both the employee and his Family (up to 4 members). [mks_toggle title="What does the Plan cover?" state="open"] The plan covers both in-patient and out patient. Some of the benefits covered under Inpatient include, Pre -existing, Chronic, Congenital, HIV/AIDS related conditions. Other  benefits include:
  • Outpatient cover
  • Maternity cover
  • Dental & Optical cover
[/mks_toggle] [mks_toggle title="Plan that the cover has" state="open"] The SME's economy cover plans are not given any specific names to distinguish them. They are identified by their different annual limits. The Inpatient cover limits vary between KES 5,000,000 - KES 250,000 while the out-patient cover limits vary between KES 250,000- KES 100,000 [/mks_toggle] [mks_toggle title="Limits of the covers?" state="open"] In-patient Limits[table class = "table table-striped"]Option A; 5,000,000 Option B; 3,000,000 Option C;2,000,000 Option D; 1,000,000 Option E; 750,000 Option F; 500,000 Option G; 250,000[/table] Out-Patient Limits [table class = "table table-striped"] Benefit;Option A;Option B;Option C;Option D Limits; 100,000;150,000;200,000;250,000[/table][/mks_toggle] [mks_toggle title="Rates of the plan" state="open"]SME'S Economy Plan Rates[/mks_toggle]

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