Heritage Insurance-Commercial Vehicle(Non-Fleet)


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About this product

Heritage Insurance offers an enhanced policy designed for heavy commercial vehicles.It is designed to cover:
  • Young drivers below the 21 years of age.
  • Inexperienced drivers who are less than 21 years of age

Scope of Cover

For the different categories of vehicles the following three types of insurance can be purchased:
  • Third Party Only (TP)- This is the basic and minimum cover available. It provides for liability to third parties only in respect of bodily injury and damage to third party property. It is the mandatory cover that a motorist should have.
  • Third Party Fire and Theft (TPF&T) - This cover protects you against all third party risks mentioned above in addition to loss and/or damage to your vehicle due to theft and fire
  • Comprehensive - This is a superior cover to all the others it protects you against the third party’s death, bodily injury and/or property damage as well as loss/ damage to your vehicle due to accidental fire, theft or an accident.

Benefits of the Cover

  • Windscreen
  • Car entertainment
  • Loss of use
  • Loss of spare-wheel/accessory
  • Passenger legal liability
  • Third party property damage
  • Medical expense
  • Out of station Accommodation
  • Towing charges
  • Riot strike and civil commotion
Policy Excess  
Theft Excess Without Anti Theft-20% of the sum insured (KES 20,000);Without Anti-Theft-20% of the sum insured (KES 20,000) With Anti-Theft-10% of sum insured (min KES 20,000) With Approved Tracking Device-5% of sum insured (min KES 20,000)
Material Damage Excess 5% of the sum insured (min KES 20,000)
Young Driver/Inexperienced drivers Additional charge KES 20,000
    Limits of Liabilities( Comprehensive Only)
Windscreen KES 30,000
Car Entertainment KES 30,000 Max
Medical Expense KES 3,000,000
Towing Expense KES 30,000
Authorized repairs KES 50,000


Heritage Insurance Company Kenya

Nairobi - Head office LIBERTY House, Mamlaka Road, Nairobi - Kenya
+254 20 2783000 / 2726439 / 2726440

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