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Medical Insurance

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Executive is one of the plans of Jubilee Medical insurance (Jcare). Insurance is usually paid in premiums and to make it easier for payment,Plans sold to individuals are grouped in standardized tiers. are grouped into.

Executive Rates

[table class = "table table-striped"]Age;Principal;Spouse;Child 18-30;32,500;27,300;17,300 31-40;33,900;28,500;17,300 41-50;41,400;34,800;17,300 51-59;55,300;46,400;17,300 60-65;89,000;75,400;17,300[/table]
[table class = "table table-striped"]Principal's Age;Amount 40 and Below;24,000 40-50;28,800 51-59;33,600 60-65;38,400[/table]
Maternity,Dental and optical cover
[table class = "table table-striped"]Cover;Amount Maternity; 29,700 Dental;9,100 Optical; 9,100 [/table]

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