Commercial Bank of Africa Tariff Guide

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Rates and charges for various transactions from commercial bank of Africa(Kenya).

Bankers Cheques

Local currency KShs. 500
Local foreign currency KShs. 500 or Foreign Currency equivalent
Foreign Currency KShs. 1,000 or Foreign Currency equivalent
Repurchase  Free
Replacement  KShs. 2,000
Stop payments  KShs. 1,000
Online Bankers cheques KShs. 125 or Forreign Currency equivalent
Manual Bankers Cheques Orders KShs. 530


Manual KShs. 460
Non-Bank Financial Institution KShs. 500
Recall/ Cancellation (per entry) KShs. 200
RTGS Manual KShs. 450
Incoming CBA customers Free
Incoming Non-CBA customers KShs. 2,500

Standing Orders

Online Set-up KShs. 300 or Foreign Currency equivalent
Online amendment/stopped KShs. 200 or Foreign Currency equivalent
Manual standing orders set up KShs. 320
Manual Amendment KShs. 210
Processing per payment KShs. 200 or Foreign Currency equivalent
Standing Order unpaid due to lack of funds KShs. 3,000 or Foreign Currency equivalent

  Other Services

Account closure KShs. 750
Certificate of Balance KShs. 800
Swift non customer KShs. 2,500
SMS transaction alert messages (customer subscribed) KShs. 5
Swift KShs. 1,500

Cheques Charges

Small (30 leaves) KShs. 600
Large (100 leaves) KShs. 1,000
Stop payments(Per Cheque) KShs. 250
Stop payments(Cheque book Series) KShs. 1,000
Local cheques sent on collection above KShs 1m KShs. 2,500(per cheque)
Local cheques sent on collections (none CTS-Cheque Truncation) KShs. 500
Cheque Deposit on local banks Free
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Commercial Bank Of Africa

Commercial Bank of Africa Mara and Ragati Roads, Upperhill Nairobi Kenya
+254 20 2884000

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