CIC Insurance- Motor Commercial Plus Insurance


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About this product

CIC Insurance offers an enhanced policy designed for heavy commercial vehicles. It also provides a tracking facility as well as covering loan repayments while the vehicle is undergoing repairs, among other extras.

Scope of the Cover

  • Theft
  • Riot Strike & Civil  commotion
  • Accidental collision and overturning
  • Third Party Liabilities
  • Malicious damage
  • Flood and other perils of nature

Benefits of the Cover

  • Coverage across the COMESA region
  • Riot Strike and civil commotion
  • Nil theft excess
  • Repair facilitation within the COMESA region (Typical yellow card procedures apply)
  • Free tracking device
  • Floods and other natural disasters are covered

Benefits at an Extra Charge

  • Monthly loan repayment while under repair
  • Political risks & terrorism cover - 0.5% of vehicle value(single unit) and 0.3%(fleet rate)
  • Loss 0f income
  • Carriers Liability
  • Excess protector(material damage)
  • Work injury benefit cover for driver and loader(WIBA)
  • Fleet management
  • Theft by employees

Commercial Own Goods

Basic rate single unit 5.3%
Fleet rate (3 units and above) 4.8%

General Cartage

Basic Rate 6.3%
Fleet Rate (3) and above 5.8%
Minimum sum insured KES. 2,000,000

Carriers Liability

Loss or damage of merchandise and goods held by insured in trust or on commission following an accident.
Limit of Liability(KES) Annual Premium(KES)
Up to 500,000 12,500
Up to 1,000,000 18,750
Up to 1,500,000 28,125
Up to 2,000,000 37,250
Up to 2,500,000 42,500
Up to 3,000,000 54,250
Up to 3,500,000 63,300
Up to 4,000,000 72,300
Up to 4,500,000 81,400
Up to 5,000,000 90,400
Excess - 10% of each and every loss minimum KES 50,000

Fidelity Guarantee

Loss of merchandise or goods following an act of dishonesty or fraud by an employee
Limit (KES) Premium (KES)
Up to 500,000 10,100
Up to 1,000,000 20,100
Up to 1,500,000 30,150
Up to 2,000,000 40,200
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CIC Insurance

CIC Plaza, Mara Road, Upperhill Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya
+254 703 099120

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