BetterLife Ignite Plan - Madison Insurance

Medical Insurance

About this product

Entry age

- Single persons between 21 and 30 years


- 3 options (I, II, III)

Flexible cover limits

- Kes.500,000, Kes.1,000,000, Kes.1,500,000 inpatient - Kes.50,000, Kes.75,000, Kes.100,000 outpatient


- Premiums of Kes.15,000 to Kes.64,700

Flexible cover on

  • Maternity not covered
  • Dentist Kes.10,000 - Kes.15,000
  • Optical Kes.10,000 - Kes.15,000
  • Chronic, Cancer, Pre-existing Conditions Kes.200,000 - Kes.350,000
  • Pre-Maturity conditions (37 weeks mothers in-patient), Congenital Kes.75,000 - Kes.150,000
  • HIV - Covered within the full chronic limit
  • Covid-19 - Covered to Kes.300,000 public or private in-patient to network
  • Accommodation -General ward and standard private room (Kes.10,000)
  • Overseas treatment - 8 weeks outside Kenya (inpatient limit)
  • Emergency transportation - local road and air ambulance evacuation covered
  • Waiting periods - 30 days from issue of cover to use any facility.

Claim process

- No worries of co-payment

Last expense

- Kes.50,000

Accredited health facilities LIST

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