AAR Unlimicare Health Insurance

Medical Insurance

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Entry age

- newborns to 60 years For family


- 1

Flexible cover limits   

  • Kes.1,000,000 to Kes.10M inpatient
  • Kes.100,000 - Kes.200,000 outpatient.


Premiums vary on unshared rates for individuals and shared rates for SMEs  Kes.16,500 - Kes.314,295 and Kes.14,025 - Kes.290,101 inpatient  While Kes.5,000 - Kes.221,571 outpatient

Flexible cover on 

  • Maternity covered to full in-patient limit
  • Dentist covered to full outpatient limit
  • Optical covered to full outpatient limit
  • Chronic, Congenital, Cancer - Covered to full in-patient limit
  • HIV - covered to full in-patient limit
  • Covid-19 - Not covered
  • Accommodation - Bed charges covered
  • Overseas treatment - not covered
  • Emergency transportation - local & international evacuation covered
  • Waiting periods - 2 months wait for inpatient illness

Claim process 

  • 20% co-payment on all health centers.

Last expense

- Covered


Provider panel


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