First Assurance Medical Insurance- Econo Care

This is one of the plans under the First Assurance medical insurance policy.The plan provides for medical and surgical expenses reasonably incurred by the insured members as a direct result of their sustaining accidental bodily injury and/or illness and/or a disease within the period of insurance.It is designed to cover individuals and their nuclear families.

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The main cover of the plan is in-patient .The benefits covered under the include:

  • Pre-existing, Chronic and HIV cover (Year 2), Cancer treatment (Year 3)
  • Lodger fee for parent accompanying child below 6 Years
  • Air Evacuation through AMREF
  • Psychiatric treatment (Year 2)
  • Internal prosthesis
  • Local emergency road ambulance which is medically necessary

Other benefits:

  • Outpatient
  • Maternity
  • Last expense benefit

NB: Waiting period before cover commences for a new member is 60 days.


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  • Adults between the age of 18 years and 60 years.A member already in the scheme can have cover extended up to 65 years of age provided that he/she remains in active service and subject to underwriting
  • Children between the age of 1 months and 17 years

NB.Members above 45 years are subjected to mandatory medical exams; Acceptance is subject to underwriting.This is at the applicant’s cost


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Insurance is usually paid in premiums and to make it easier for payment and comparison,plans sold to individuals are grouped in standardized tiers.First Assurance medical core plan or individuals/family has the following plans:


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[table class = “table table-striped”]Cover;Econo Care

Plan Limits;2,500,000

Cancer treatment;500,000

Air Evacuation; 180,000

Psychiatric Limits;200,000

Internal prosthesis;200,000[/table][/mks_toggle]

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