How Can I Make A Practical and Good Real Estate Investment Decision?

Written by Ruth Njiri

Usually, investing in a real estate property is expected to give you profitable returns, but unfortunately that is not always the case. It is a risky investment but worth the risk.

Just like any other investment class, real estate requires you to carefully assess the variables of your investment. The following guiding principles can help you make a decision towards a successful real estate investment.

Know your market: If you want to make a successful real estate investment, ensure you research intensely on the subject, understand the factors that affect your investment and most of all do the required research necessary to make your investment successful.

Be keen on long time vacant properties: Do your due diligence and necessary research on why a particular property has been vacant for a while. This is because a vacant property can have tremendous potential in a surrounding area that is promising. Alternatively, the vacancy can be a hint towards showing you that it is not a profitable investment decision.

With time, develop your property: Developments ensure you appreciate the value of the property over time. Keeping your property properly maintained, managed efficiently with the right administration system, you ensure that you also increase your profit potential.

Do not focus on the rent but focus on the tenant: As much as the immediate goal of a real estate investment is to earn a steady revenue from it, sometimes the tenant can keep that dream from becoming a reality. A tenant can slow you down if they are not able to pay rent on time. The time it takes making the follow up is not pleasant. Make sure you have background checks and supporting information about the person renting your property. It will pay off.

Give the property time: There is no short cut to getting rich through a real estate investment. It is not an easy investment and it takes a lot of work.  It is also a long-term investment. You have to be smart about your decision and be willing to do the work around making it a successful investment.

Misjudging the cash flow: You need a clear and cut out real estate strategy in order to make it a successful investment. For a strategy such as buy and hold to sell, you need to ensure that you have sufficient cash flows to cover the gaps and maintenance so that you do not make a loss.

Working alone: The key to a successful real estate investment is having a good team of professionals to assist you with the advice. You must take into account simple tips like having a real estate agent, a financial adviser and a legal adviser is the key towards you avoiding any fraudulent deals.

Real estate like any other investment can be good and can be bad, the bottom line remains that you must do your necessary research, due diligence, engage the right partners and make a careful and concise decision in order to make it a successful investment.

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