What is an Investment and Where Do I Start?

Written by Ruth Njiri

It is never too early to start planning for your financial future especially if you are a student. An investment is an item or asset that is purchased today with the hope that it will generate income in the future. Some helpful tips on investment are:

  1. Start investing now

Just start as soon as possible! Start by allocating a portion of your money every month and direct those funds into an account that you can make investments with. You can start with low risk investment options and gradually increase the risk factor as you gain more experience.

  1. Get a help and/or an advisor

A good way to get some ideas on how to make good investment decisions is to get a trained professional or someone older whom you trust and can advise you on various investments, deals and in some cases even transact on your behalf.

  1. Open a high yield savings account or a fixed deposit account

A good place to start planning ahead and get into the culture of investing is to open a high yield savings account or a fixed deposit account. These accounts have considerably high interest rates and are pose low risk depending on the period of investment.

  1. Invest in financial markets

Investing in the financial markets is a great way to create a passive income stream. You have the option of long term and short term investments. The key to success in the financial markets is making consistent and calculated investments with your money and staying focused on your long term financial goals. It also means not losing hope during the ups and downs of the economy. With patience, the amount of money you have invested will indeed grow.

  1. Invest in real estate

A safe investment is in the buying of property or land. These are considered safe because they are more likely than not set to appreciate as assets and not depreciate. However, of late, this investment has been questioned due to market trends.

  1. Pursuing a professional degree and certificate

If you invest in yourself, you increase you own net worth in the job market and hence increase your chances of becoming a higher earner. Even though it may be expensive to invest in a high quality education you may opt for something as simple as improving your skill set by enrolling in a workshop or taking an online course can work just as well.

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