Common Mistakes to Avoid When Investing

Written by Ruth Njiri

In order to guarantee that you achieve success as you invest one must cultivate the discipline of being consistent and patient. You must ensure that you consistently make contributions towards your ultimate financial goal giving the investments time to mature and flourish. Some common mistakes to avoid when investing are:

  • Not starting

Investing may seem like a daunting process but even though you may not have made all the decisions yet, you must at least start somewhere. You can start by investing in a simple savings account as you try and figure out what exactly you want to do with your money.

  • Being unrealistic

When you are starting out, try to ensure you have practical expectations of your investments. You must give your investments time to grow and start yielding high results. Never compare your investments with others and try to get rich quickly. There are no short-cuts to success and the same philosophy applies for your financial success. 

  • Not diversifying

Diversification is a strategy that reduces your overall risk by having your investments in a variety of different areas. It ensures that your investment is growing at a consistent and steady rate every year.

  • Spending Your Profits As Soon As They Come

When you make a successful investment and thereafter receive the profit, save that money and re-invest it. Do not get into the habit of spending that money. 

  • Letting your emotions drive your investments

Never become overly emotional about your investments. This relates to also believing that what has worked in the past or for other people is bound to also work for you. This also applies to loosing hope whenever an investment option does not work in your favor. Such a defeatist mentality shall take you nowhere.

In summary it is important to start investing as soon as possible and take advantage of the time you have on your hands to develop the necessary skills and generate earnings. Furthermore, to reiterate the fact above that consistency and patience are two attributes that will develop you into a seasoned financial investor.

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