Kenya Commercial Bank Tariff Guide

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Swift Charges

Inward(flat fee) KES 600
Outgoing(flat fee) KES 2,000
Incoming to foreign account(per item) Free

Cheque books pocket size

(50 leaves): per leaf  KES 5
stamp duty KES 2.50

chequebook company size

(100 leaves): per leaf KES 5
stamp duty KES 2.50

swift transfer from/to a foreign currency account

Incoming Free
Outgoing KES 2,000

Cheque return Unpaid

Refer to drawer KES 3,000
Not Arranged For KES 3,000
Effects Not Declared KES 3,000
Technical Reasons KES 800
Stop Payment KES 450
Handling fee inward unpaid  Cheque KES 550
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