Barclays Bank Of Kenya Tariff Guide

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Electronic Payments

Standing Orders – Set-Up / Amend / Cancel kes 100
Standing order - CASA Account to Loan Account   KES 50
Standing Order - Account at Other Bank (per transaction) KES 420
Standing Order - Unpaid Item  KES 4,000
Inward / Outward payment (per transaction)  KES 104
Automated Sweeping Transfer – Set-Up   Kes 420
Automated Sweep (per transaction) Kes 105
 Direct Debit (per transaction) KES 115
Electronic Funds Transfer (teller transaction) - to other banks KES 475
 Outward RTGS KES 500
 Internal funds transfer teller transaction. Excludes transfer to own account  Kes 50

Telegraphic Transfer / SWIFT – international money transfer

Inward payment $12 or its equivalent in Kes
Outward payment  0.25%(Min$25 Max $65)


Per Cheque (exc. revenue stamp) Available in 30 or 60 leaf booklet  KES 14.80
Revenue Stamp(per leaf) KES 2.50
Registered postal delivery USD 2.50
Cheques drawn on bank abroad (minimum USD 12)  0.50%
Cheque collection (outward) (minimum USD 4) 0.50%
Stop Cheque  Fee Kes 500
Counter-cheque ( per leaf)  KES 400
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Barclays Bank Kenya

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