DTB Huduma Card – For easy transactions and access to integrated government services

Written by Brian Oluoch

Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) has unveiled a new prepaid card, called the Huduma Card. The regional bank with over 100 branches in East Africa has rolled out the Government sponsored card across its branch network. DTB is commonly known for its role in promoting enterprises in Kenya by catering to the banking needs of SME’s. The new card will make it easy for this target group, and retail consumers to experience a new, and seamless way of making digital payments and purchases.

The bank’s partnership with the government will ensure cardholders can make payments for various public services and programs, such as NHIF and NSSF through the cards integrated payment system. The bank by offering this prepaid card also seeks to increase the adoption of card based systems among individuals and enterprises in the country.

What does the DTB Huduma Card Entail?

The DTB Huduma card is a multipurpose social card which will facilitate payments for services in the public and private sector. The card which uses MasterCard prepaid payment technology and can be obtained at any of the DTB branches.

General Requirements

The card is an affordable alternative for you to make, receive or transfer payments without having to carry physical money. As of the moment, foreigners are yet to be eligible for this card.

To register for the card, visit any DTB branch that is close to you. A copy of your ID is required to capture your basic details for the registration process, as is the standard for most prepaid cards. Upon confirmation of your ID you will be provided with a registration form to input your personal details. Once registration is complete, the card is instantly activated and issued for usage. Registration for the card is free and no cost is involved.

Features and Benefits

With a Huduma card, you will enjoy the convenience of using it wherever you go as it uses Mastercard which is accepted worldwide. The card is designed with an inbuilt chip and is PIN enabled, therefore ensuring your transactions are secure.

The card is ideal for online purchases and payments of bills and offers a Ksh. 10 discount for transport aboard any Huduma partner transport service. You can withdraw money at any DTB branch or any ATM that accepts Mastercard worldwide. If you have any problems regarding transactions or the card in general, feel free to contact the bank, either through phone, via email or in person at any branch and they will assist you.

Extra features

  • Since it’s a prepaid card, there are no negative balances or overdraft fees as you can only use the amount you have deposited into the card.
  • The card is valid from the date of issue until the expiry date.

 Things to note

The Huduma card is not linked to a bank account, therefore prospective cardholders need not worry about opening a bank account. Should your card get damaged you can visit any DTB branch for a replacement. Other things to be aware of include,

  • If you forget your PIN number you can request a replacement from any DTB branch.
  • You can also change your PIN number though the old one will be required for the process.

To top up your card visit any DTB branch or agents. An MPESA paybill number will be rolled out soon to enable customers to top up via their mobile devices. To enjoy the Huduma card services, visit any DTB branch countrywide and register for one. For more on DTB products check out our platform, or visit the DTB website.

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