Why Women Have Special Motor Insurance Policies

Written by Ruth Njiri

In Kenya, insurance companies have realized the need to have specialized insurance policies for women. The reason being, women, are statistically proven to be better drivers than men are.

Insurance companies have therefore taken the opportunity to offer special motor insurance policies that include various extras that would appeal to women. 

So, why do women have special motor vehicle insurance policies? This is because as a demographic, women tend to:

  • Be more careful when driving as compared to men
  • Drive less 
  • Be involved in fewer accidents than men
  • Claim less from insurance when involved in incidents and therefore do not cost their insurance company a lot of money

As a woman, when trying to choose the right insurance policy, there are some other factors that are likely to have a big effect on the overall premium of the policy. So, before you narrow down on the final decision, here are a few tips to look out for:

  • Women need to know that the type of car they drive has a huge impact the amount of money they pay for the car insurance. The general rule of thumb is that the bigger the engine, the higher the premium price.
  • Most companies take into consideration the cost of parts and repairs. This happens to be one of the reasons why cars made by the more expensive manufacturers carry higher policy prices, even if they have a relatively small engine.
  • The average distance covered each year also affects the price of your premium. If you can keep your annual mileage to a minimum then this may bring the cost down. If you drive a lot, your policy could be more expensive.
  • The likelihood of losing your car to theft is also an area which is looked at by most insurance companies and this takes into account things like how desirable your car is to thieves, the area in which you live and the security devices you have fitted.
  • Make sure you look out for ‘extras’ that come with motor insurance policies for women and adjust accordingly depending on whether you really need them as part of your cover. This include:
    • Windscreen cover: This is whereby the insurance provider will arrange to replace or repair your windscreen if it gets chipped or cracked (depending on the size of chip/crack)
    • Breakdown cover: This is when your insurance provider gives you support if your car suffers a mechanical breakdown
    • Handbag theft cover: This is when the insurance provider could help you to cover the costs and claim compensation for any losses in your handbag or car that are caused during an accident

It is important to shop around for the best insurance deals available rather than just accepting the initial offer made to you by an insurer.

In order to get a good perspective of all the kinds of policies that are available to you as a woman, compare the premium quotes of different insurance companies alongside their related benefits. This will enable you to narrow down to having a list of car insurance options that are tailored for you and your car.

While gender-based car insurance policies may seem biased, women should still take advantage of what is offered to them and get the best motor insurance policies. If it also means that they shall be able to protect more and safeguard their items more, they should definitely go for it.

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