KCB Tuskys MasterCard

Credit Cards

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About this product

The card is designed specifically for first-time credit card owners and can offer one a convenient and secure means of payment at any MasterCard or Visa accepting outlet.


  1. The card has a 45-day interest-free period on purchases.
  2. The card allows a minimum repayment of 20% of the total billed amount.

General Requirements

  • If employed:

    • Copy of National ID / Passport
    • Copy of latest Payslip
    • Must earn a minimum net pay of KES 20,000
    • Latest 3 months' salary account bank statements from any local bank
    • Duly filled card application form
  • If Self Employed:

    • Copy of national ID
    • Business Registration
    • Bank statements for the last 6 months
    • Duly filled card application form
    • Minimum net monthly turnover of KES 50,000

Bank Network

  • Kenya Commercial Bank branches can be accessed in major town and cities.KCB has extended its services to various countries in eastern Africa mainly inKenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Burundi, and Rwanda.
  • KCB Mtaani-an Agency banking platform from KCB Bank to ensure that its Customers can access banking products at their convenience.

Online/ Mobile banking

Online and mobile banking is available for the account holders. To access online banking the customer has to fill the I-bank application form or visit the nearest KCB branch while Mobile banking can be accessed by:
  • dialing USSD Code *522#
  • downloading The KCB App
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Tariff Guide

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Fee OverView

Joining Fees Waived
Annual Fees KES 2,000
Over Limit Fees KES 1,000
Late Payment Fees 5% of the total outstanding balance
Cash Advance Fees 6% of the amount accessed
Supplementary Card Fees KES 1,000
Card Replacement Fees KES 1,000
Monthly interest rate 3.5% of the total outstanding balance



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